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Historical facts

There was a time when Atlixco was known as the Villa de Carrión, a place with an unequaled cultural and architectural wealth, its historic center housed the most representative monuments of the place, buildings of Viceroyalty of great importance for the history and culture of Atlixco and art in Mexico.


You have just been part of this story, because you are in the House of Audience, a civil architecture dating from the 16th century, known for the 1580 cartographic representation of the public square that is kept in the general archive of the nation.

Over time, the building has undergone different reinforcement and replacement interventions, since La Casa de la Audiencia has been part of the strongest natural events in the history of Atlixco, as happened on September 19, 2017, when a 7.1-degree earthquake on the Richter scale struck the heart of this city, an unfortunate event that left its mark on the history of its people, who demonstrated that even in tragedies, the brotherhood of a people is always present, the earthquake will be demolished buildings, but reinforced the solidarity of the Atlixquenses, because Atlixco always flourishes, and that is one of the qualities that makes this Magic Town an incomparable place.

During the earthquake, the building suffered material damage, in the same way, surveys were carried out throughout the surface of the walls to ensure the complete structural stability of La Casa de la Audiencia, during these activities, two important sectors with wall painting were located, that due to their figurative characteristics and colors, can be dated from the 16th century, these original flower friezes were found in two rooms, very similar to the Franciscan friezes painted in 1570 and, it is Fray Toribio de Benavente, the first to speak of the flowers of Atlixco, of its climate, vegetation and water, that is why it calls this place “Val de Cristo”.


Today, the property has a healthy wall structure without deterioration or damage of a structural nature, which shows the good quality and resistance of the land, generating a system that has observed in time the "rule of art", which refers to the good build.


The National Institute of Anthropology and History locates La Casa de la Audiencia, within the area of ​​historic monuments of Atlixco, in addition, it has intervened in favor of the restoration and conservation of the building in order to continue to be a cultural heritage reference of new generations.


Enjoy your stay in this architectural, artistic and historical jewel of this Magic Town. Its 15 comfortable rooms, the attention, excitement and character of the Atlixquenses, will make possible an unforgettable stay and your soon return to our Atlixco de las Flores.

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